DSBC Personal Account

Opening a DSBC personal account is a fast way to send and receive money all over the world, exchange currency, and pay online and at POS using your DSBC debit/prepaid card.

Your account is so much more than just a convenient online payment method. As an DSBC member, you automatically have access to all our features and benefits as highlighted below.


  • Your Personal Account is great for online shopping, programs and payments!
  • Send funds instantly between family and friends from your secure online current account.
  • FREE to send money and receive transfers between DSBC accounts.
  • Fast and competitively priced transfers all over the world.
  • Currency exchange at favourable rates.
  • Fund or withdraw your account via bank wire transfer from over 190 countries.
  • Your personal, bank or card info is never shared during transactions.
  • Spend anywhere, online or offline.

Our available services for personal accounts:

Manage your finances

Get Your European Account In Minutes

Set up your online account and get multiple IBANs in different currencies

Order Your Card For Free

Pay and withdraw money anywhere in the world.

Instant Spending Notifications

Get notified whenever money’s coming in to your account or when you use your DSBC Card.

Accepted by 20 milion merchants
Designed just for you

Personal Account Fees

Euro currency 20

DSBC Personal account opening

Euro currency 100

Multi-currency current account opening fee
Add-On Feature with extra Fee

Euro currency FREE

Internet banking for Personal (sign up + monthly fee)

Euro currency 50

Monthly minimum balance

Open account 20 EUR
Multi-Currency Current Account Opening Fee 110 EUR
Monthly minimum balance 50 EUR
Giving advises and analyze situation to customer whose average balance of all accounts for the last 3 months exceeds 500 euro Free of charge
Individual monitoring of the Client with a feature of politically exposed person Free of charge
Analysis of the client which resulted in a decision to terminate the relationship due to non-compliance with the DSBC’s Client Policy Free of charge
Client’s account maintenance 10 EUR/month
Giving advises and analyze situation with increased risk clients) of increased risk clients (Rate is fixed by DSBC depending on the client’s risk level) Information from DSBC
Individual monitoring of the operations on the accounts of the Client (Rate is fixed by DSBC depending on the client’s risk level) Information from DSBC
Maintenance of the client accounts in 2 months’ after receiving the application for closing (if funds are not withdrawn) Information from DSBC


Sign up Internet Banking Free of charge
Monthly fee subscription Free of charge
Automatic inquiry from commercial register 2.24 EUR
Monthly fee for non-resident legal entities registered outside European Economic Area 10 EUR
Agreement conclusion, amendment, termination Free of charge
Notification by email Free of charge
Notification by SMS message 0.20 EUR
Penalty for the actions of the Client, which resulted in reasonable suspicion of DSBC in regard to the violations by the Client of the normative acts (in the sphere of prevention of the money laundering, national and international sanctions, market manipulation, unlawful use of the inside information and other areas) 500 EUR

Penalty for the failure of the Client to submit information and documents in due time, that has been requested urgently by DSBC in the request and/or in case when submitted documents and information do not correspond to the requirements set out by DSBC in the request to the Client

Financial reporting EUR 5/day
Documents approving the actual activities in the country of registration EUR 5/day
Client’s questionnaire EUR 5/day
Document on compliance with sanctions EUR 5/day


Multi-Currency Current Account/ Current Account Closing Fee 250 EUR

For more detailed information about service fees, please select each service on the menu and access its fee section.

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